The screen fabric is very particular, it is a type of “technical” fabric, which is mainly made of polyester or fiberglass, it also has a PVC coating. It is a very useful material, especially for the creation of blinds. This material has a percentage of total surface in which there are pores that serve to allow the light to pass through and at the same time protect the spaces from the sun’s rays.

What is the degree of openness of screen roller blinds?

The degree of openness is nothing more than the total percentage of a surface that is occupied by holes or pores. For those who do not know, the screen is a material that was created in order to take advantage of the passage or entry of light very well and is even able to protect from these sun rays.
The grades are divided into the following percentages:

  • 10%: this is a very high level of visibility and is considered the most translucent fabric of this type.
  • 5%: this is an almost perfect ratio between visibility and protection against UV rays.
  • 3%: this is a little more private, but some visibility to the outside of the house where this type of blind is installed is still possible.
  • 0%: this is totally private and opaque.

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Roller blinds screen depending on the degree of opening

The surface of the blind is made of a special material that reflects light, so it will not be too hot in summer and cool in winter. In addition, roller blinds are very easy to install and maintain.
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Factors to consider when choosing the degree of opening of your screen blinds

There are many factors to consider when choosing the degree of openness of your insect screen blinds. Roller blinds are the best choice for rooms where there is a high intensity of outdoor light.

Factors that affect the opening and closing of a screen blind:

  • The size of your window: the larger the window, the more you will want an open or closed end on your blinds. if your window is large enough, then you can use a horizontal blind which will allow more light into your room. If your windows are smaller, then you can use a vertical blind that will cover more of the window.
  • The amount of sunlight coming into the room: the more sunlight coming into your room, the more likely you will want to have an open end on your blinds so you can enjoy this source of natural light.
  • The style and design of your room: if you have a sleek or contemporary style home, then it is best to opt for vertical blinds, as these styles work well with this type of look because they have straight lines and no embellishments like some other types of blinds (which might not blend well with these styles). On the other hand, if you have a more traditional home, then it is best to go with horizontal blinds.
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