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At Estores Málaga we offer Technical CurtainRoller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Sliding Panels, Roman Blinds (with or without rods), Pleated Shades, Blackout Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Wooden Venetian, motorized and every possible type of curtain to decorate your windows.

We sell the best brands AT HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICES. We will be pleased to satisfy your needs for technical curtains (curtains with acrylic or other non-traditional materials) and decoration for your window, with every model being easy-to-assemble

Technical Curtain

Commercial Scope

At Estores Málaga we provide Technical Curtain and Roller Blinds in Marbella, Málaga, San Pedro de Alcántara, Calahonda, Elviria, Estepona, Mijas, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and throughout West Coast of Malaga.

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Components and Premium Plus systems guaranteed by Bandalux which allows manufacturing large Roller Blinds, by ensuring its operation and accuracy.

And, if you wish, we could install it with side channels for a better attachment and external light control.

We guarantee the best prices with a 25% off on tariff price of the best brands in the market.

Technical Curtain Best Price and Quality

We make and install systems of the top quality brands at guaranteed best prices. Other local suppliers will offer you their products but, unfortunately, most of the time at higher prices. They do this to meet demand and to provide a service to their clients who, in many cases, do not worry about price.

We however give you an excellent offer that you will see in advance when we provide you with a quotation to produce and install your technical curtain.

Technical Curtain in malaga

Products at Estores Málaga

Roller blinds

We guarantee first quality on all the mechanisms and fabrics for the production of your blinds.

Polyscreen, canvas, blackout, multifibre and rustic.

Blackout Blinds

Choose the opacity from 14% to blackout. Over 50 colours to choose in different textures.

Pleated shades

The perfect solution to decorate your window with a custom-made pleated shade, translucent or blackout.

Ideal for your dormer window or roof.

Printed and customized

Customize your blind with your picture or through the website FOTOLIA.

Day and Night Blind

Visibility or privacy?

Features and details that makes your window stylish in different textures and colours. With 3 years Bandalux warranty.

Sliding Panels

Custom-made and artisanal, we introduce you an inimitable and unique collection. Visit us and we will make you a genuine and unique offer and presentation.

Vertical Blinds

We present curtain blind with a superb design and colour range, available on slats of 89 mm and 127 mm. From €37/m2.

Venetian Blinds

Wood or aluminium Venetians on slats of 15 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm.

From €29/m2.

Roman blinds

We introduce you an unbeatable offer, making your custom-made Roman blinds, with or without rods and choosing any fabric available in stock.

Motorized blinds

We rely on Somfy for all motorized systems.


Below you can find Roller Blinds with several fabric options, being currently the most commercial, stylish and simple option to decorate your windows.

  • Fabrics that allow external visibility without losing privacy in your room.
  • Sunlight filtering guaranteeing sun protection and management of light and, therefore, getting an energy saving by reducing indoor temperature.
  • Antistatic properties that repel most of the dust and we can say that it helps significantly to reduce any allergic effects.
  • Fabrics maintenance is almost not required as you can clean roller blinds safely with just a damp cloth.

Motorized and any kind of curtain to decorate your window. We will be pleased to suit your needs on technical curtain and decoration for your window, with every model easy-to-assemble.

We guarantee the best prices with a 25% off on tariff price of the best brands in the market.

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The slats orientation in Vertical Blind allows you to have a lighting and comfort settings impossible to achieve with any other kind of curtain. You choose the type of fabric, slat width, and types of operation and we will make you a unique offer in Málaga province.

We can provide over 100 different combinations to choose from, – including components, colours, motorized with cable or remote control. We will present you with a decoration project for your window which will surprise you by its style and elegance, combining different colours and textures.

Our prices range from 37 € square metre.  So ask for a quotation and we guarantee the best offer and a product with 3 years warranty on all components…….



Our Sliding Panels are made according to your preferences and selected textures, manufactured in a standard or artisanal way.

Different types of borders, rods and accessories. A unique and customized area on colours and shapes that creates a feeling of spaciousness in a modern, minimalist and cutting-edge atmosphere.

Sliding Panel is the option which takes up less space in your room.  It will also allow you to identify areas for dividing rooms.

At Estores Málaga, we offer different colour and texture combinations for your Sliding Panel.

Visit us and we will present you in our shop with what we think is an irresistible proposal on both quality and originality.


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Another way of enjoying and improving your home is with Neolux curtain which allows total intimacy during the day and privacy during the night.

It is cutting-edge and its wide array of colours on any texture will create a feeling of modern space, high design and functionality.

You will find all those features in Day & Night blind by Bandalux at Estores Málaga.  


Venetian blinds or curtains are a very modern option to decorate and filter sunlight inside your home, conveying comfort and style in your room.

We offer two kinds of materials for slats, aluminium or wood. We can introduce you to our offer in both types, relying always on Bandalux for manufacturing.

Available on slats of 15 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm, we simply invite you to contact us for a proposal or visit us at Estores Málaga. We will give you a quotation with unbeatable prices that we are able to provide because we have unique agreements for distribution throughout Andalucia.

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Pleated shades filter sunlight and allow you to control transparency to your personal choice.  It is becoming the most valued technical option for interior architects due to its easy installation and interior darkening functionality.

We can provide all possible options to decorate your windows or glass curtains in your terrace or porch.  Your problems will be solved with a stylish and functional type of curtain.

We guarantee a perfect installation according your needs.


100 colours available with different degrees of brightness and darkness.



Custom-made Roman blinds allow you to maintain a feeling of contemporary style but with traditional fabrics.

With or without rods, we keep a permanent offer on mechanisms and fabrics, at very competitive prices on high quality Roman blinds.

We also provide hidden mechanisms with low maintenance and high durability.

Ask for a quotation and we guarantee a competitive offer and high quality.

Roman Blinds
Request an estimate

Tell us the type of curtain or blind you need.

Provide us the approximate measure of the area to cover.

Add an extra 10 cm overlap either side of the window width (to block out light effectively).

Finally, let us know if you need installation.



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