Printed blinds are usually roller blinds that we can customize with the print we prefer.
This is a great alternative for decorating our home or our work environment. Since we can customize our blinds so that they combine or reinforce the atmosphere of the room.
We show you everything you need to know about these printed blinds: where to get them, how to install them, etc.

Custom printed blinds

Custom printed blinds are nothing more than roller blinds that we can customize with the design of our preference.
The truth is that the number of designs we can print on our blinds is infinite: phrases, images, corporate details, company logos, family photos, etc.
Normally, these blinds already come with a pre-designed size for standard windows. However, it is also possible to manufacture custom printed blinds.
Just like other blinds, printed blinds do not lose their ability to filter outside lighting and regulate your interior temperature.
There are different ways to customize your printed blinds. Some choose to buy chain roller blinds and replace the fabric with one that can be printed on and is light resistant. This is a homemade way to do it.
However, it is also possible to have these customizable blinds made at a store that specializes in printed blinds. In fact, these stores will help you to configure the size, the drive and print the image you want on the blinds you have chosen.
The truth is that you work on the basis of roller blinds. And the image that the customer wants is printed.

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