Motorized exterior blinds are among the best market blinds. Its main benefit is comfort, since they can be installed at a distance through a mobile device or voice assistant.
In addition, it allows our home to have an ideal temperature at all times. Therefore, they are perfect to save on the electricity bill at the end of the month.

How to control motorized exterior blinds

This type of blinds includes an engine with which they move automatically. They are controlled with a sensor through a smartphone, voice assistant or a touch to function automatically.
This is very useful for summer because it helps reduce the temperature inside your home in the winter, preventing it from seeing cold. Also filters the UV rays of sunlight, which prevents damage to our skin during summer heat. It allows the entry of light for our home to remain illuminated, but without losing the freshness.

Motorized exterior blinds have many advantages. Mainly, that all can control it at a distance . So that up or down the blinds at the time you want.
These are the main reasons why you should choose the motorized exterior blinds: the installation of an engine in the blinds is very simple, but to ensure good operation it is necessary that it be installed by a professional technician.

  • Your home will always remain fresh.
  • It will help you protect privacy and increase the safety of your home.
  • Greater ease and comfort with remote control to raise and lower the blinds.
  • They contribute to greater energy efficiency, providing savings in your invoices because you would spend less on heating and air conditioning.
  • If in the future you want to sell your home, motorized exterior blinds can give it an added value that could increase its purchase price.

Automatic and cable -free motorized exterior blinds

The automatic motorized exteriors without cables work with battery , since you just have to place it at the top of the window. We recommend this option if you do not have current taking near the window.
The battery of this engine is only recharged once for six hours via USB , with an average duration of eight months to one year.
On the other hand, it can be installed for large, small and medium blinds. To open and close the blinds you can do it through phone applications, remote control or voice commands.
This system is very practical for older people with little mobility and families with young children, since it provides a security plus.

Custom Motorized External Even

We can install the motorized exterior blinds to your measure. We know that each house is different. We can design the blinds that perfectly fit the measurements of the windows of your house.
In general, motorized exterior blinds are installed by a professional. Above all, in houses that have high height windows.
We will help you install the right engine for your windows. In addition, we will link the remote control and the sensors to work as they should.

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