Blinds are those beautiful fabric blinds that are part of the new elegant and functional decorative concepts. In this post we will show you how to put a blind on the ceiling, without requiring any effort or use of complicated materials.

To put a blind on the ceiling you only need to know two fundamental things. One is the size of the area where it will be placed and the second is the type of fabric we need depending on its function, if it is purely decorative or to prevent the entry of natural light.

Tools needed to install a ceiling blind

The tools needed to put a ceiling blind are not complicated or difficult to use, as long as safety is the predominant factor when using them.

These tools are:

  • If possible with compartments to hold materials such as drills and dowels.
  • Drill
  • Ceiling drill bits
  • Dowels or fasteners
  • Pencils for marking measurements
  • Spirit level
  • Measuring tape
  • Brackets
  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Protective lenses
  • Electrical drill cable extensions
  • Bases or drawers that attach to the blind
  • Blind
  • Vacuum cleaner

como-instalar-estor-enrollables en el techo

How to attach ceiling blinds

Just as blinds can be placed on the wall, between walls in a framed window or on the ceiling, it is important to take into account the decorative aspect. For example, in a living room where there are several windows, placing blinds on the ceiling in a window, and one on the wall, could visually affect the decorative harmony.

In this sense, it is important that the decorative concept is not affected, so it is often required that in several windows all the blinds are placed on the ceiling, or all on the wall, depending on the design, the type of blind and of course the size of the windows.

Ceiling blinds are regularly placed when the dimension of the sale covers practically the entire length reaching up to the ceiling, so there is no space to place the blind over the window frame.

Study where the ceiling blind will go

Blinds should not only be decorative, but also functional. While many provide the final decorative touch in a room, most also have a protective function, such as trapping dust particles or virals that travel in the wind, and others help block direct sunlight from entering.

When placing where a blind will go on the ceiling, other factors must be taken into account, such as the cleanability of the window and the convenience of doing so. The dismantling of the blind when cleaning it and of course the dimensions and measures for its placement. That these do not exert pressure on the base or on the fastening screws.

Mark where the support of the blind will be placed

The first step is to measure the place where the base of the blind will be placed. This is accomplished by means of the squares and meters. The ideal measurements are those that have 1.5 centimeters between the limit of the wall in relation to the ceiling.

By using the square, this measurement can be obtained. Then a mark is made at 1.5 centimeters on each side and then it is verified with the meter.  One aspect to take into account is that if there is an obstacle such as a shutter box, a handle or a radiator, the measurement will be taken from this obstacle.

After knowing the space and the mark or point of 1.5 centimeters, proceed to draw a line between the points, verifying with the spirit level if this line is correctly straight.

como-instalar-estor-enrollable en el techo

Make the holes and place the brackets

With the measurement delimited we proceed to place the brackets. The first step is to use the drill with the ideal drill bit for the ceiling and open the hole. It is essential not to forget that due to the position and the angle, since it is the ceiling, many fragments of dust will fall directly on top of it, so wearing protective glasses prevents these particles from entering the eyes.

Another recommendation is to vacuum all the particles that have fallen on the floor to avoid not only that the dirt accumulates with the dust, but also to avoid slipping.

Install the bracket for the ceiling blinds.

Once the holes have been opened, proceed to fix the brackets to the ceiling. First, the plugs are fixed with the hammer, then the bracket is placed in the corresponding hole and the screw is fixed with the screwdriver. Here the recommendation is that once two of the screws are fixed with the base of the blind, the other support is placed on the other side.

Once the two brackets are installed, a test is made with the level. Here the roll of the blind is placed on the supports and on the base of the roll the spirit level is placed on one side, on the other side and mainly in the middle. This is to verify that the leveling is correct.

Place the ceiling blinds

After verifying the level, finish fixing the remaining screws and verify that the fixation is correct and that there is no movement of any of the bases. Then proceed to put the roll of the blind on the ceiling, as well as the brackets and decorative caps.

It is also important to verify that the sliding chain turns easily on its support wheel.

In the case of mechanical blinds, it is necessary to measure the ideal height level. This is done by unrolling the blind to the desired length and adjusting the hole at the base with a special wrench. This adjustment is also done for the winding measurement by adjusting the corresponding hole.

The last step is to fix to the wall the base through which the winding chain passes. This support is important, as it prevents the chain from getting stuck and running easily. This base is placed on the wall. Some of them have screws for fastening, so a hole must also be drilled in the wall with the drill and then the plugs and screws must be fixed to the base.

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