The most beautiful, versatile and elegant decorative trends in homes and offices use roller blinds as the main element. Do you want to know how to place roller blinds? In this post we will explain how to do it.

Roller blinds are those striking smooth and vertical curtains that are not only an embellishing element, but also serve to soften the entry of external light. They are one-piece fabrics, which, depending on the size of the window, are easily rolled up and gathered at the top through a tube.

Roller blinds are easy to install and give rooms a modern and dynamic feel, while highlighting good taste. They are manufactured with different fabrics, called technical fabrics, which trap dust, bacteria or viruses. They are made of polyester or polyscreen and fabrics that block UV rays.

Tools needed to install roller blinds

Putting up a roller blind is very easy and does not require complicated or heavy tools, however, it is important to take into account some basic and fundamental aspects, such as the size of the window, the color of the decoration and the style.

Other aspects have to do with the entrance of light, the type of fabric of the roller blind, as well as its transparency and of course the color.

The tools needed are:

  • Meter
  • Pencil to mark the measurements
  • Drill
  • Special drill bits for the surfaces to be drilled (twist drill bit for wood or widia for concrete or cement wall)
  • Dowels
  • Lag bolts
  • Hammers and mallets
  • Level
  • Ladders
  • Screws
  • Protective glasses
  • Graduation keys (in case of blinds with electronic mechanism)
  • Accessories


How to install a roller blind

Putting up a roller blind is very easy, but it is important to clear the surrounding area of objects that will hinder the placement of the ladder, plus it is recommended to have the equipment to be used at hand.

Here’s how to put up a roller blind step by step.

Study where the roller blind will go

Roller blinds can be put on any straight surface, so they fit comfortably on windows. However, for a quick and easy installation, there are 3 things to consider.

Wall installation

This is the most common installation. Here it is only necessary to fix the bases above the window at a short distance from the frame. Do not forget that the width of the roller blind must be wider than the size of the frame so that its usefulness covers the entire space.

Ceiling installation.

The assembly on the ceiling is also very easy, but it does require the use of special ceiling drill bits, which in many cases are different from the wall ones.

Installation in the window frame between walls.

This is very functional when the window is located in a space between walls. Here the measurements of the roller blind and its base may change, as the accuracy must be precise.

Mark where the blind support will go

  • It is essential to leave a few centimeters of margin between the edge of the window and the tube where the blind is rolled up. This is so that the window can be opened easily. In this sense, the recommended standard measurement is 10 centimeters of margin between the window and the store.
  • Before marking it is advisable to use the bubble level, this in order that the perspective we have to climb the stairs, you can create a gap that is only noticeable when the blind is installed. Once the measurement has been established, mark it with a pencil.
  • Center the measurement. The blind tends to be wider than the window frame. The exact or desired measurement is defined slightly beyond the frame. For example, if the window is 30 centimeters with the frame included, the ideal measurement will be 15 centimeters on each side so that the blind is centered.
  • Delimit the holes. Take the roll bases of the blind and mark the holes with a pencil.
  • Make the holes. In the round marks make the hole with the drill, according to the size of the screws. It is important not to forget to wear protective glasses to avoid dust or wood particles that may fall into your eyes.
  • Insert the lag screws or dowels. It is recommended that the dowels or lag screws be made of a resistant material that will support the weight of the blind’s base assembly, although most of them are light.


Install the roller blind bracket

Place the base and screw it in place. Here it is recommended, before screwing on the second base, to place the blind tube and measure with the spirit level if the height and angle are balanced.

  • Position the blind tube. When attaching the blind tube, check whether the chain rolls easily.
  • Attach the hook that holds the chain. Once the blind has been placed on its base, place the hook holding the chain at an ideal height and screw it to the wall.

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Position the roller blinds

Once the bases have been fixed to the wall or ceiling, the roller blind roll is attached to them.

First insert one side into the base by means of the notches that guide that they have. These bases by their guides should enter easily, so it should not be forced. Once one side is fixed, proceed to fix the other side in the same way.
Once the blind is placed on the wall, place the accessories, such as the support that goes on the chain, which is used to pull it easily.
There are some blind designs that have decorative covers, these are placed after installing the blind.

Adjust the blind’s limit switches

Some blinds are motorized and have a mechanism that allows them to lower, raise or level the height of the fabric remotely or by means of a push button. These mechanisms need to be graduated at the end of the installation for their operation to be effective.

The graduation of the limit switch is also very easy. There are two holes in the stroke, one indicating the upper and the other the lower maximum level.

Set the upper level limit switch by manually raising and turning the adjusting key (some use blue Allen wrenches) to the maximum stop in the corresponding opening.
Do the same in the other opening, turning until the desired maximum stop of the unrolled blind is reached.
Place the protective and decorative caps on the mechanism.

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