Installing a motorized blind, also called electronic blinds, is really very simple and practical, since no complicated tools or qualified personnel are needed and they offer that double function of protection and decoration at the same time.

The blinds are made to provide a harmonious feeling, full of tranquility, well-being and of course harmonious, thanks to its aesthetic appearance, which highlights the design and good taste, as well as personality and style.

There are two types of motorized blinds. The electric, connected to the home network and the rechargeable ones that run on battery. Whichever one you choose, motorized blinds regulate the light intensity and help create an optimal decorative ambiance.

Tools needed to install a motorized blind

The tools to install a motorized blind are few, however, unlike conventional chain-wound blinds, some require a few more implements and the use of electrical current, so you need extra protection.

The tools are:

  • Ladder
  • Drill
  • Protective goggles
  • Dielectric gloves
  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level
  • Plugs
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Roller blind
  • Vacuum cleaner

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How to install a motorized blind

The installation of a motorized blind is very simple, since it is only necessary to know the type of frame where it will be placed and determine whether it will be attached to the wall, ceiling or between the window.

After having the ideal measurements, the type of blind and the quantity of these, in case of large areas, we proceed to the preparation of the materials to have them ready at the time they are needed.

Do not forget that regularly windows tend to be a little higher than the average height of people, so in most cases, the ladder is the best tool to reach those levels.

Before placing the ladder, a good idea is to put some protective material on the floor to prevent the dust particles that spread in the environment when drilling from fouling the area. The vacuum cleaner is very useful in this sense.

Study the place where the blind is going to be installed.

This step is simple, but very key and decisive. Some windows are placed on embedded frames, so they have two wall edges facing each other. Others go all the way to the ceiling and others have a width that is ideal for draperies.

Whatever the ideal place to place the blind, it is important to ensure that its placement has two factors, functionality and decorative quality. The mechanism of the blind should not interrupt its function of lowering and raising the rolled fabric and should not spoil the aesthetic design of the room.

Some rooms allow a combination of positions of the base of the blind, i.e. they can be fixed to the ceiling and others to the walls. In this regard, it is important to check whether this combination does not damage the decor, because some are attached to the ceiling and others to the walls in the same place.

Mark where the support of the motorized blind will be placed.

The ideal measures for the placement of the blind have an average distance that can go between 10 to 15 centimeters, depending on the width of the wall. Once you have the ideal height, using the tape measure, use the spirit level to determine the balance.

A very functional idea is to make a small line with the pencil where the limit of the motor bases would be and measure with the bubble level. Once you check that it is correct and balanced, draw a line all along the wall where the rectangular base of the blind goes.

Install the support of the blinds

The blinds have at their ends the bases that hold them to the wall or ceiling. These in turn have easy to remove covers where the holes for the screws are shown.

With a pencil mark the round shape of the screws to proceed to drill each hole, taking care not to make holes too deep and to the size of the plugs.

Some holes in the ceiling require a special type of drill bit and it is important not to forget that the use of the drill requires, in all cases, that the eyes are protected with transparent glasses, to avoid that any residue or dust can fall in the sight.


Position the motorized blind

After the holes and plugs are in place, the blind is attached to the wall. First, fasten the bases or plates in place with the screws. It is important to screw each hole marked on the base to prevent the blind from moving.

When placing the tube that holds the blind, a new measurement is made with the spirit level, both at each end and in the center. This measurement ensures that the blind is correctly leveled.

The motorized blinds have two holes at the base of the winding where a special key is inserted, which in some cases is of the Allen type, which regulates both the winding and unwinding. This is used to adjust the desired start and end stroke level.

In the case of the electric motorized blind.

In addition to installation, the electric motor with wires requires knowledge in electrical matters.  Although it is not difficult, but if in doubt, it is best to seek expert advice to avoid accidents or faulty installation.

The electric blinds have 3 wires, distinguished with colors, which go to the electrical network in a specific position. These wires are not difficult to install. If you decide to do it yourself, it is important to read the instructions to know where each wire goes and wear gloves for electrical protection.

In the case of rechargeable blinds.

These are the simplest and most practical, as they work with a rechargeable battery with USB port, which in many cases can last many months to require a new recharge. These also work with remote controls and some more amazing ones are voice activated.

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