Night and day blinds are a type of blinds that allow us to regulate the amount of light that enters a room. You can do this thanks to the fabric they are made of.

Day and night blinds have a double fabric. The first is a transparent mesh that allows light to enter easily. The other is a translucent material that protects from the sun’s strong rays.

Thanks to these characteristics, they are perfect for regulating the entry of sunlight according to the time of day.

Night and day blinds have other features that differentiate them from other blinds. They usually reach all the way to the floor and have a top skirt that covers the blind mechanism.

Varieties of day and night blinds

There are essentially 3 types of day and night blinds. The difference between each of these blinds lies in the mechanism used. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

  • Night and day blinds without a drawer. These have brackets that allow us to fix the blinds in different places: both on the wall and on the ceiling as well as on the window itself. Their fabric is designed to cover the drawer of a blind or other blinds. They manage to cover a large amount of surface. So it gives the impression that the window is bigger.
  • Night and day blinds with drawer. These blinds have lateral guides in the same window sash. This system is a guarantee that the fabric will slide correctly on the window pane. This way, we will have no problems to balance it when opening the window.
  • Night and day blinds without drilling. They are very easy to install. They are placed on the window sash without making any holes in any surface. They use an adhesive tape that sticks easily to the window or wall. They are often used in rented flats where no modifications can be made. It is also a perfect option for decorating windows in a simple way.

Additionally, thanks to the wide variety of colours, designs and sizes, these blinds can be installed anywhere in the house.

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How to clean night and day blinds

The great advantage of day and night blinds is that they are very easy to clean. With very little effort, they will be completely clean. In most cases, a cloth or sponge lightly dampened with water will suffice to remove dust or stains. It is not recommended to use any type of detergent, as it can alter the colour of the blinds. Some people use neutral soaps. But be very careful when using this type of product.

Actually, there are different ways to clean the blinds night and day. You can do it with hot water, with a hoover or with both. If you decide to do it with water, here are the steps to follow:

  • Cleaning tools. In general, a bucket with hot water and a washing sponge will suffice. To dry the blind, you will need a cloth, which is perfect for removing excess moisture.
  • Unroll the blind. To do this, you only need to remove the chains from one of the two ends. Once the blind is removed, place it on a smooth, clean surface.
  • Clean the blind night and day. Use the sponge dampened with warm water to wipe the blind. Remember that the sponge should not be too wet so that the fabric does not get soaked. Pass the sponge over the blind several times until you see that the water on the sponge comes out clean.
  • Let it dry. Then use the cloth to remove the excess moisture and let it dry for about 15 minutes, or as long as it takes to dry. You can use a hoover on the lowest speed to remove excess moisture.

You can also clean the blind without using water. Vacuum the blind on its lowest speed to remove dust, dust mites and other dirt. In this case, some stains may not come out at all. But you can apply this as a pre-process before cleaning with water to make it easier.


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Tips for the correct cleaning of day and night blinds

The most important thing to remember when cleaning night and day blinds is that their fabric is delicate. Therefore, the whole cleaning process must be carried out with care, gentleness and the right products so as not to damage the fabric. These are the tips we give you to clean the blinds night and day:

  • Use only water or neutral soap. It is best to use water, because if you are not careful with the soap you use, the blind fabric will discolour. You could opt for a neutral soap and try to dilute it with water so that it is not so concentrated. However, the recommendation is that you do not use any detergent if necessary.
  • The hoover should be on the lowest setting. Whether you are only using the hoover for cleaning or for the drying process, use the lowest speed. This will not damage the fabric.
  • Do not use too much water. The idea is also not to soak the fabric of the blinds. Mainly because it will be a problem to remove the excess water afterwards. And you may have to take measures that will damage the fabric to remove the excess water. Do not pour the water directly onto the fabric. Do it with a cloth or sponge. And do not soak the cloth or sponge in water.
  • Do not use too much force when sponging. The sponge should not be too wet and you should wipe gently so as not to affect the fabric.
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