When choosing a good design of curtains for your windows, the difference in the choice of classic curtains and the popular blinds is remarkable. Since the mechanism of these, which works by folding or gathering, gives a touch of freshness and modernity to the spaces of the home.

However, when choosing a blind for your windows you should keep in mind that there are two options that could be more objectively suited to what you are looking for.

What are Translucent Blinds?

A Translucent Blind is a type of movable curtain, which folds or retracts vertically; its fabric is made of 100% polyester so its durability and resistance is guaranteed.
Unlike the Screen Blind, this one is not fireproof (it is not resistant to fire because it is made of polyester).

Benefits of Translucent Blinds

If we are talking about benefits, Translucent Blinds will provide you with a series of benefits. First of all, because they are made of polyester, their durability and resistance is more remarkable. They are also very easy to clean, you only need a damp cloth with disinfectant and it will be like new, since they do not need to be washed in the washing machine.
To this is added the relationship between quality and price, the translucent blinds tend to be cheaper than the screen blinds, so it also benefits your pocket.

Why choose translucent blinds?

At this point you can see that translucent blinds offer a number of advantages that make it easy to make a decision before purchasing one.

You can choose it for the way it helps us to gain natural light without filtering the sun’s rays as the Screen does, so it is deployed in the same way the temperature of the room will not be lost, which is an extra point for the Translucent blind in winter seasons.
Although its cost is lower than the Screen Blinds, its durability and resistance are on par. It withstands the weather in both summer and winter without deteriorating, so you do not worry about how it will be affected by the passage of time.
It is easy to install, that is to say that not only you will get it in different colors and sizes, but to place them can be drilled or hooked on the wall.
Its chain mechanism is easy to use, you just have to pull one of them to open and then the other to close. Even if there are people with mobility problems you can opt for the option of the motorized chain system.
But above all these points, consider the privacy, the Translucent Blind allows you to observe from the window of your home out, and prevents from outside to see into your home.

What is a Screen Blind?

It is a type of roller blind of the family of the Blinds. It is called Screen because of the shape of the fabric that unfolds into a tube regulating the access of light you want for your space.
This levels the temperature while obstructing the access of light, without impeding the visibility from the inside out but not so much with the privacy that gives the translucent from the outside in.
It is also very resistant because it is mostly made of fiberglass coated with PVC, being in turn flame retardant (fire resistant).
They are manufactured in different sizes and colors and its cleaning is simple, you only need a damp cloth with disinfectant.
After identifying the differences between these two blinds, you can be more confident when buying.
If you look at your space, and your pocket then look for a translucent blind.

Benefits of screen blinds

Thanks to the material they are made of and their particular characteristics, screen blinds offer several benefits. Among which we can mention:

  • Greater resistance. Their useful life is longer because they are not damaged as easily as other materials.
  • Easy installation. They are easy to install. And they can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
  • They do not deform or shrink. Nor do they fray.
  • They keep their color. They do not lose their color with time and maintenance.
  • Outward visibility. Allows good outward visibility.
  • Dust repellent. So they last longer clean.

Difference between translucent blinds and screen blinds

The difference basically originates from the material in which they are manufactured, this in combination with the color you choose will end up giving a different effect in the room.
Although both blinds allow access to light, this increases or decreases depending on the color chosen and the position of the sun. The less natural light touches the window, the less opportunity for illumination is achieved, for this light colors are recommended, and if the opposite is the case, although natural light directly touches your window you can achieve a regulation to lighting with dark colors.
On the other hand the screen blinds tend to be more transparent so the regulation of lighting is not as easy to control as the translucent ones.

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