Blinds for bathrooms have become fashionable in recent years. Mainly, those that are designed to become resistant to moisture in the bathroom. They are also known as waterproof blinds. They can be found in different types of colors and patterns. There are even roller blinds for bathrooms that look great.

Modern and moisture resistant bathroom roller blinds

The great peculiarity of the blinds for bathrooms is that they are resistant to moisture that is so present in the bathrooms. This is because their fabrics are waterproof. They are usually made of PVC and polyester. In this way, you can get blinds for bathrooms that are resistant to moisture.

Bathroom blinds help to improve the ventilation of the bathroom. In addition, they allow natural daylight to enter the bathroom allowing for a brighter bathroom without the need to use electricity to provide the bathroom with light. In addition, bathroom blinds offer privacy from the outside, especially translucent bathroom blinds.


Blinds to dress up your bathroom windows with style.

Here are some bathroom window blinds that you can use to give your bathroom a better style:

Aluminum Venetian blinds. Aluminum blinds have very good aesthetics, and they are easy to clean and use. They offer a minimalist style. They feature rotating slats that allow you to regulate the amount of sunlight that can enter the bathroom. If you like natural materials, there are some PVC blinds that imitate wood, but being made of PVC, they are water resistant.
Roller blinds. There are roller blinds with different types of fabrics. We can find some that allow a good entry of light, while there is also the opaque roof to completely darken the room.
Night and day blinds. The great peculiarity of this type of blinds is that they can change from translucent to opaque and vice versa, depending on what we prefer.

Custom-made bathroom blinds

Of course yes, you can get blinds for bathrooms to measure. You will just need to have the measurements you will need to place the blinds. It is important to determine where you are going to place them. Measure the outside frame of the window from end to end and add about 6 inches on each side. It is also important to measure the height. To do this, you should measure from the place where you are going to place the brackets to the bottom.


What type of blind is right for my bathroom?

It all depends on the style and advantages you are looking for in your bathroom. Venetian blinds are the best alternative if you are looking to let light and warmth into the bathroom easily. They are perfect for privacy, solidity and style. They are the best alternative if you want to give a modern touch to your bathroom.

PVC wood blinds give a more classic touch. They also allow you to control sunlight and air entry. On the other hand, aluminum blinds have a good price and give a quite modern touch to the bathroom room. They are very easy to clean and are very resistant to moisture. Like Venetian blinds, you can control the entry of light.

If you want a dark bathroom with no sunlight coming in during the day, opaque roller blinds are definitely your best option. If you want privacy, but a good entry of light we recommend the translucent ones.

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