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VENETIAN BLINDS are a very modern option to decorate and filter sunlight inside your home, conveying comfort and style in your room.

We offer two kinds of materials for slats, aluminium or wood. We can introduce you to our offer in both types, relying always on Bandalux for manufacturing.

A product with the best quality that complies with all existing EU regulations on environment. It is fire-retardant and water repellent. We guarantee all components.

The slats are wooden with high quality and resistant to high temperatures and any deformation.

Slat widths

Available with slats measuring 15, 25 and 50 mm for your aluminium Venetian blinds. We are distributors of main brands and we have marketing agreements for their sale direct to consumers. If you wish we have perforated aluminium Venetian blinds in Slat widths of 25mm and 50mm, ensuring that a large percentage of natural light is blocked and a small percentage of natural light is allowed to pass through, giving the room a nice, diffused lighting effect.

width of aluminum sheet

Aluminium slat colours

Wide array of colours, with nearly 100 colours to choose from. They can be plain or striped and matched with decorative tapes.

We guarantee durability on colours unaffected by time, and we offer 3 years warranty on all components for your aluminium Venetian blinds.

Visit us and you will be amazed at what you see.

colorful aluminium venetian

Aluminium 100%

Venetian blind slats made with 100% aluminium components of high durability, warranty on unaffected colours by time in humid areas or near the sea, where weather conditions affect other materials.

The outstanding performance of the aluminium made with the latest technology lays down new parameters of reliability and performance.

100% aluminum sheet

Elegance and Style

Aluminium Venetian blinds are useful and filter the light according slats openness. They never go out of style and will be well suited in any room they are placed in. Their easy operation makes them a very good option to decorate your window.

Just with a wand we can afford precise control of the entrance of sunlight, by adjusting slat openness you can see without being seen, keeping your privacy. If what you want is raising the curtain completely, you could use the cord.

4 types of operation

Cord, wand, chain, crank and motor operating systems. All types of operation for your Aluminium Venetian blinds. Bandalux mechanisms with 3 years warranty. We adapt to your needs and budget, and we can advise you in your choice.

If you wish, you can motorize your Aluminium Venetian blinds. Our motor operating systems are guaranteed with the security that they are in perfect working order.


Our high-quality Aluminium Venetian blinds can be used in areas with high humidity.

Trust us and we could advise you in your choice of an Aluminium Venetian blind.

Visit us and you will be amazed at what you see.

Colour range of tapes and aluminium slats.

A wide range of decorative tapes and aluminium slats to enhance the beauty of your Venetian blind. The decorative tapes can be plain or striped, always with the latest fashion.

You will find a perfect combination and unique style at an unbeatable price from


Aluminium Venetian colours
colours slats
perforated aluminum slats
slats 25 mm
Aluminium Venetian white
Aluminium Venetian blue
slats aluminium red
slats aluminium black
slats aluminium blue
slats aluminium coloursfull

Visit us and you will be amazed by our


The best prices, a top quality guaranteed with 3 years and an excellent customer and advisory services. Visit us and you will check that our staff will assist you on a personalized basis according your needs. All options on mechanisms, materials and solutions for a perfect installation.

Trust ESTORES MÁLAGA to decorate your windows with the latest fashions and high quality for your Venetian blind.

Excellent value for money


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venetian blinds blue 25 mm
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€29 / m2

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